Laguna Niguel City Council Meeting Reports

January 15, 2019
Meeting Agenda

Invocation, Pledge of Allegiance, Presentations


Public Communications

Kudos to retiring city attorney Terry Dixon
Trio Rewards app for local shopping; raffle for winners

Consent Calendar

Council member Minagar recuses himself from item #1. Items 1, 14 & 15 are pulled.
Item 1: clarification on expenditure for police services
Item 14: opposition to SB 50; Council member Gennawey said, “This is another egregious attempt by the state to take away local control. They keep trying to chip away at it and it’s absolutely ridiculous…” Council member Rains said, “SB 50… would be an overreach of state government control taking away the city’s ability to serve its residents and diverse needs…”
Item 14 carried unanimously.
Item 15: approval of legal services agreement
City Manager Ridge provided some background on what the agreement includes. Item 15 approved unanimously.

Council Reports

Council Member Gennawey discusses her new role on as Chair of OC Senior Citizens Advisory Council, what the advisory council does and how that relates to the needs of O.C. and L.N.

City Staff Reports