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We're Proud to Support These Candidates

Harley Rouda

48th Congressional District

Elected in 2018, Harley has fought to expand healthcare as a right for all Americans, to promote an economy that works for all of us, and to protect our environment.

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Scott Rhinehart

73rd Assembly District

Scott is a businessman and community leader in Orange County and an advocate for equal rights for all. Scott’s priorities include building an economy that works for everyone, the protection of Orange County’s coastline, and fighting for affordable and accessible healthcare for all.

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Richard Hurt

Aliso Viejo City Council

A small businessman in Aliso Viejo, Richard previously worked as an accountant for Riverside County. He is President of the Friends of the Aliso Viejo Library. Richard’s priorities include advocating for small businesses and ensuring city government is responsive and accountable.

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Ross Chun

Aliso Viejo City Council

Ross has served on the Aliso Viejo City Council since 2012 and recently completed a term as Mayor. In 2019, Ross received a political leadership award from the Sierra Club. In his time on the Council, Ross has been a champion for our public schools and community engagement.

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Stephanie Oddo

Laguna Niguel City Council

A former public servant, Stephanie founded the Healthcare Mask Collaborative in March to make and deliver thousands of masks to healthcare workers, first responders, and the military. Stephanie’s priorities include supporting local businesses, navigating the city through the COVID-19 downturn, and ensuring environmental sustainability.

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Shani Moslehi

Laguna Niguel City Council

Shani is the founder of the Orange County Iranian American Chamber of Commerce. Shani’s priorities include promoting local small businesses, ensuring that City government responds to the concerns of all neighborhoods, and investing in solar energy and electric vehicles.

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Krista Castellanos

Capistrano Unified School District Trustee Area 5

A teacher for over two decades, Krista was appointed to the CUSD School Board in 2019. Krista’s priorities include expanding mental health and emotional support for students, working to address racism and intolerance in schools, and supporting at-risk students and their families.

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Additional Candidates Endorsed by the
Democratic Party of Orange County

South Orange County Community College District

Trustee Area 1: Carolyn Inmon

Trustee Area 6: Ryan Dack

Laguna Beach School District

Kelly Osborne

Jan Vickers

Recommended Positions on the Ballot Propositions

Proposition 14: Yes, support stem cell research and treatments for Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, and other nervous system diseases with a $5.5 billion bond issue.

Proposition 15: Yes, expand funding for schools and local governments by closing a property tax loophole that allows large commercial property owners to pay unfairly low property taxes, without raising taxes on residential property.

Proposition 16: Yes, end the ban on equal opportunity policies such as affirmative action so that elected leaders can ensure access to good jobs and schools for all Californians.

Proposition 17: Yes, ensure that Californians who have completed their prison terms can fully participate in our democracy by voting.

Proposition 18: Yes, promote civic engagement by allowing 17-year-olds to vote in primary elections if they will turn 18 before the general election.

Proposition 19: Yes, fund firefighting services by closing a property tax loophole that allows children who inherit homes from their parents to pay low property taxes even when they don't live in the home.

Proposition 20: No, reject this effort to mandate longer prison sentences for low-level offenses when California is experiencing record-low crime rates.

Proposition 21: Yes, allow local governments to enact limited rent control laws to protect seniors and families from out of control housing costs while ensuring landlords can reasonably raise rents after a vacancy.

Proposition 22: No, reject this effort by Uber, Lyft and other app-based services to create a special rule allowing them to avoid paying their drivers a minimum wage and to deny their drivers basic protections of labor law.

Proposition 23: Yes, help control the rapidly increasing cost of dialysis while protecting the health and safety of dialysis patients.

Proposition 24: Neutral. This 52-page ballot proposition strengthens some provisions of California's consumer privacy laws while creating loopholes and exemptions for big technology companies like Facebook and Google.

Proposition 25: Yes, end California's unfair money bail system that imprisons people who cannot afford to pay bail and replace it with a risk-assessment system focused on public safety rather than ability to pay.

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