ADEM Candidates, January 2021

Jenna Beck

Debbie Lima

Stephanie Oddo

My name is Stephanie Oddo and I ask for your vote as your delegate for AD 73.

As your ADEM Delegate for District 73 I promise to listen to your voice when it comes to your suggestions. I have a BA from Penn State University in International Politics and a MA from San Diego State in Latin American Studies. I started my career during the Clinton administration in Washington, DC in public relations/web communications with clients like the EPA (Energy Star), Dept. of Justice (Immigration Employment Discrimination) and City of Washington, D.C. (HRCs healthcare program).

I was eventually elected and re-elected to my town council and appointed to a County Planning Commission and Co-chaired a 2 county effort to fight a constitutional amendment on planning issues in the state of Florida. I have lived here in California for over 13 years (almost 3 years in San Diego and 10 in Laguna Niguel). In the recent municipal election, I was the highest-ever Democrat vote getter in Laguna Niguel history and hopefully have paved a path for future Democrats here in the city. I currently run a not-for-profit and am a member of the Aliso Niguel Dem Club and Democratic Women of South Orange County Club.

I love to hear the diverse views our party produces and to put those views into action. I am the founding member of my children’s high school’s diversity and inclusion committee. In that role I have been a champion for women, people of color and the LGBTQ+ community. We must protect our democracy going forward as it is a cornerstone to allow all diverse views and opinions into the process. Having been an elected official and run for office, I am also concerned with corporate and special interest money in campaigns. In summary, we should also be focused on: Climate Change, Education, Immigration Policy, Healthcare, Affordable Housing and Protecting our Democracy.

I am looking forward to working with our future candidates. Having been a candidate myself I understand our local challenges well, and am passionate about working to get more Democrats elected here in South County. I hope to have open dialogue with candidates, local party leaders and constituents so that together, we can make a difference and be successful here in South County.

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